Don’t mean to alarm anyone, but iPhone has a collection of all your nudes

If you’ve ever feared a naked or semi-naked photo of you will show up somewhere it shouldn’t be, you’ll want to hear this. In an article published by Babe, a writer discovered that by typing “bra” in the Photos section of her iPhone, a whole collection of bra pics (some fully nude) instantly showed up.

Try it yourself – we’ll wait.

Back? Okay, before you go freaking the hell out (we did), Apple’s got an explanation for it. Turns out, it’s part of their image recognition which groups photographed items like “dogs”, “cats” and “trees” into categories to make it easier to search through your photo catalogue. So, it’s not a single folder of photos of you in your bra. And, in fact, the only negative we can really see is that if someone has access to your phone, they can do that search on it and find some things you may not want them to see.

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