Simple Tips To Identify Plastic Rice

According to report rice is also now manufactured artificially. There are some rice producers make the product by mixing potato starch and plastic that are then formed into small rice kernels and steamed with a rice aroma.

The doctors are now warning that just 3 portions of the fake rice contain just as much plastic as a plastic bag, so it’s quite alarming and we should be more careful of buying rice.

Fortunately, Here, are a few simple tricks which will help you determine if the rice you’ve bought is real or fake:

The water method

Pour a tablespoon of uncooked rice into a glass of cold water and observe it – if in case the rice float at the surface, it’s definitely fake.

The fire test

Lit some of the rice you bought with a lighter – if the rice start burning and smells like plastic, throw it away immediately.

Hot Oil Test:

Take some rice and drop them into very hot oil. if it’s plastic rice, it will melt and stick together at the bottom of the vessel.

The Fungus Test:

After boiling the rice, put some of it in a bottle and leave it for 3 days. if mold does not appear, then your rice is fake, Plastic rice will not grow mold in any weather conditions.

Boiling Test:

While boiling the rice, if it contains plastic rice it will start forming a thick layer at the top of the vessel.

Try these tricks yourself if you suspect that the rice you’re buying is fake – they are the best and safest way to tell the difference.