While the mainstream media continues to target Donald Trump for sexual assault allegations, despite the fact that there is no evidence to support them, it is important that we hold the Clintons accountable. Why is the media continuing to ignore the numerous rape accusations against Bill Clinton?

Take Paula Jones, for instance. Jones is a former Arkansas state employee who sued Clinton for sexual harassment years ago. Recently, she sat down with Breitbart to tell her story about what happened when she was escorted into the governor’s hotel room in 1991.

“And he sat down really fast and he dropped his pants,” Jones recalled. “And was fondling himself. And he asked me to kiss it. Now that is disgusting. And I said, ‘I am not that kind of girl.’”

Jones claims Clinton then threatened her to force her to stay silent.

“And I was trying to get out. And he held the door momentarily and he said, ‘You are a smart girl. Let’s keep this between ourselves,’” Jones continued. “He did not want anybody to tell anybody about what had happened.”

Interviewers then asked Jones if she felt as though she was tapped inside that hotel room.

“Yeah,” Jones replied. “Because I know the state police was sitting outside…He was in plain clothes but he showed me that he packed a gun inside. So I knew he had a gun.”

Watch the full interview below and tell us what you think. Do the Clintons need to be kept far away from the White House?

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