Importance Of Vitamin B12 That You Must Know

Vitamin B-12, or Cobalamin, is the largest and most complex vitamin currently known to man.A slight deficiency of vitamin B-12 can lead to –

  • anemia,
  • fatigue,
  • mania,
  • depression,

While a long term deficiency can cause permanent damage to the brain and central nervous system. Vitamin B12 can only be manufactured by bacteria and can only be found naturally in animal products, however, synthetic forms are widely available.

Vitamin B12 can be consumed in large doses because excess is excreted by the body or stored in the liver for use when supplies are scarce. Stores of B12 can last for up to a year.


Vitamin B12 is the one vitamin that is available only from fish, poultry, meat or dairy sources in food.

Cheese ,Cows Milk ,Eggs ,fish ,oysters,Cod, beef, yogurt, chicken,lamb (mutton), liver (lamb, beef)

Do you know that the Deficiency Of Vitamin B12 can affect to both female and male fertility?

A study published in 2001 reports that lack of vitamin B12 is associated with infertility as well as recurrent miscarriages.

This study indicates that hypercoagulability caused by an increase of homocysteine levels can cause miscarriage during the early stage of lacking vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 deficiency for a long time may make ovulation or the ovum development be changed.

Moreover, this vitamin B12 deficiency may even make it difficult to carry your baby to full term.

Therefore, if you want to conceive, you should see your doctor to have a B12 test in order to improve the chance of having a baby naturally.