When You Mix Olive Oil And Salt You Can Say Goodbye To Pain For The Next 5 Years

Todays society resorts to prescription medications for any and all health issues.

These are poor treatment methods as they lead to side effects in the late future, but with natural medicine, there is no harsh side effects or health hazards. This all-natural remedy will be easy to make and will not come with any serious side effects that will mess you up for life.


▪ 10 tbsp good quality salt
▪ 20 tbsp unrefined olive oil or from sunflower


Mix everything together in glass bowl. Seal or cover, and leave for 2 days, then its ready for usage.

How to use this?

Apply this mixture to the pained site after waking up. Start this off with 2-3 minutes of applying it to the site. Within 20 minutes, you will receive enough benefits. Finish by wiping off the oil with a damp or wet towel.

Apply baby powder to irritated, pink skin. Ina bout 10 days, you will see an improvement in blood circulation, and improved muscle regeneration in cartilage and bones. After taking this natural treatment, your blurred vision, migraines and poor circulation will cease to happen again.

The body will be free of harmful toxins and will speed up your metabolism. After massaging the pained site, you will have a feeling of dizziness come over you and it is normal. There is no side effects, so enjoy!

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