Natural Ways to Lighten the Dark Skin on Your Inner Thighs

Dark inner thighs is a problem that most of us have, but are too afraid to admit so we end up thinking that we are the only ones with it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman; the chances of you having dark skin on your inner thighs are the same. It’s a condition that’s often ignored because dark inner thighs are not visible and remains hidden until someone decides to wear shorts or skirts.

So, what’s the reason behind dark inner thighs and what can we do about this condition?

Let’s start with the “what”

There are plenty of factors that cause the skin on your inner thighs to darken. These are lifestyle factors, medical conditions, and side-effects from cosmetic procedures. It may seem like it’s just a hyper pigmentation but the truth is, dark inner thighs are so much more than just that.

Other factors:

1. Medicinal side-effects
Drugs are well-meaning but some of them have negative effects on our skin. This leads to pigmentations in different parts of the body, which causes the skin on the inner thighs to darken.

2. Diabetes and resistance to insulin
If you are suffering from insulin resistance, there’s a high chance that you have dark skin not just on your inner thighs, but also on your neck, armpits, and back.

3. Using chemical and cosmetic products
There are plenty of cosmetic products for different purposes. While these products aim to make our lives easier and help us reach our hair and skin goals, these products still contain harmful chemicals that cause the skin on the inner thighs to darken.

4. Hormonal Changes
It sounds unfair but women are more at risk of dark inner thighs and armpits than men. Blame it on hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, menstruation, and puberty. Dark inner thighs are inevitable during menopause and pregnancy.

5. Too much sun exposure
Staying out in the sun for hours can cause your inner thighs to darken. While sun bathing gives your skin beautiful golden glow, it has a negative effect on body parts with delicate skin (this includes your inner thighs).

6. Hair waxing
Many women go to salons to get unwanted hair removed. When the hair removal technique is not executed properly, it leads to dark skin on the butt, back, and inner thighs.

7. Workout
It’s perfectly fine to workout to shed off those stubborn pounds but when workout sessions are done daily and for long hours, it leads to sweating and friction between the skin that causes the inner thighs to darken.

8. Poor hygiene
Various skin problems such as pigmentation, acne, dark neck, dark inner thighs are all caused by having a poor skin care regimen and hygiene.

9. Obesity
Obese and overweight people are prone to dark inner thighs because their thighs rub against their pants or each other when they walk. This causes a friction on the very delicate inner thigh skin.

Now, let’s talk about the “how” can be treated by homemade and natural treatments

Various skin conditions can be treated by homemade and natural treatments. While there are cosmetic products and treatments for various skin conditions that produce fast
results, you’re still better off with natural remedies because they are safer plus, there are no side-effects.

Majority of the homemade and natural treatments for dark inner thighs are quite similar to remedies for skin lightening. Do take note that the skin on your inner thighs are very delicate and you must be cautious in choosing ingredients to prevent skin irritation.

Here are some natural remedies to lighten your dark inner thighs:

This delicious starchy vegetable gives you energy and nutrients that are beneficial to your body. It also has cosmetic properties that can help lighten the skin on your inner thighs. The fresh juice from a raw potato can help lessen the dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. Potatoes have high levels of vitamin C and natural skin whitening agents that can lessen skin hyper pigmentation.

You don’t need to worry about applying potatoes on your delicate thigh skin. Its skin friendly ingredients improve and lighten your skin complexion instantly. You can use potatoes on any skin type. It doesn’t damage the skin, and you can use it more than once a day or until you are satisfied with the results.

Potato recipe for dark inner thighs:

You will need:

  • A clean cotton ball
  • Two raw potatoes
  • A peeler
  • A thin cloth or sieve
  • A juicer or grater

Do this:

  • Use a peeler to remove the potato skin.
  • Use the grater to shred the potato.
  • Extract the juice from the grated potato by wrapping them in a thin cloth and crushing them.
  • Put the clean cotton ball in the fresh potato juice.
  • Wipe the soaked cotton ball on your dark inner thighs.
  • Let the juice dry on your skin for thirty minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water.

Here’s another recipe:

Fresh Lemon
You can use lemon directly on your skin to improve the pigmentation of your skin. No need to add other ingredients.

You will need:

  • Two fresh lemons
  • Here’s how:

Here’s how:

  • Slice the lemon and squeeze to extract the juice.
  • Wipe the fresh lemon juice on your dark inner thighs. 
  • Rinse after twenty minutes.

You may also want to…

  • Slice the lemon in half.
  • Get the sliced lemon and rub it directly on the dark inner thigh skin for five to ten minutes.
  • Let the juice dry and then rinse after twenty minutes.
  • Keep doing this remedy until you see results.

 Fresh Lemon Juice Spray
This is excellent for people who have sensitive skin.

You will need:

  • Water
  • Two fresh lemons
  • A small spray bottle

Here’s how:

  • Slice a lemon in half.
  • Squeeze to extract the juice.
  • Pour the juice in the spray bottle.
  • Add some water and shake the bottle.
  • Spray the fresh lemon juice on your dark inner thighs.
  • Rinse after fifteen minutes.