Omega-3 Deficiency – 10 Symptoms That You Shouldn’t Ignore

There is always a lot going on in our bodies, and it can sometimes be really difficult to know what is causing the pains and issues you are experiencing. Whether we are dealing with joint pain, insomnia, or even memory loss, all of these symptoms are trying to tell you something, but it’s hard to know what’s going on.

There are lots of nutrients that we’ve been told to keep an eye on in our bodies. Things like magnesium, vitamin D, and calcium, but one that often is forgotten is Omega-3.

Omega-3 fatty acids are a crucial component that everybody needs to make sure they stay healthy, but sometimes it’s hard to know that you are lacking. Here are 10 symptoms that can reveal your body has an Omega-3 deficiency so you can help correct it.

1. Soft or brittle nails
Having your nails easily peel or break off isn’t just annoying, it’s actually a sign that your body is lacking something important. If you feel like you are always dealing with a broken nail, or notice that they are looking a lot softer than usual, you should probably add some Omega-3s into your diet whether it’s through fish or Omega-3-rich veggies.

2. Insomnia
If you are having a hard time falling asleep at night, or even a hard time waking up, it may be trying to warn you that your body is low on Omega-3s. Add more Omega-3s into your morning routine so that they won’t keep you up at night.

3. Joint pain
Joint pain is not only uncomfortable, but it is also incredibly frustrating. It’s hard knowing that you normally can do something, and then suddenly be unable to. If you are noticing an increase in joint pain or arthritis flare ups, your body may be trying to get more Omega-3 fatty acids into your body.

4. Dry skin
Your skin needs Omega-3 fatty acids to keep hydrated and and healthy. Having sufficient Omega-3s will help keep your skin looking younger as well, because well-hydrated skin stays plumper and more resilient.

5. Memory problems
Not only will you be unable to pay attention, but you may also experience difficulty accessing your memories the way you used to. It will become a little bit more difficult to hold onto details.

6. Weight gain
Omega-3 fatty acids are actually known to help increase your metabolism, which will help keep you from gaining weight.

7. Low concentration
If your body is low in Omega-3s, you will find that it’s hard to stay focused and will become distracted easily.

8. Dull and thinning hair
If your hair is always falling out and often lacks that glossy shine, it might be because you are missing out on the Omega-3s you need to properly absorb the nutrients that make your hair shine. They help strengthen the structure of your hair, which will cut down on the amount that falls out from damage.

9. Eyesight issues
If you don’t have enough Omega-3s in your body, you will start to experience dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, and other issues that will affect your vision.

10. Failing immune system
If you’re constantly getting sick, then it might be because your immune system is struggling to keep up. If you don’t have enough Omega-3 fatty acids in your body, your immune system will find it very difficult to keep up with the preventative measures it needs to take, which will lead you to get sick much more often.

Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in a lot of places, most notably in fish. It’s also found in a lot of leafy greens like romaine lettuce, spinach, and arugula.

Note:Talk to your doctor if you suspect that you are low in Omega-3s to make sure you are living the best life you can.