If You Suffer From Poor Circulation Here Is The Solution To Your Problem In Just Twenty Minutes

The blood circulation allows us to transport nutrients, oxygen and properties to all areas of the body through the blood. This directly influences the health of the heart and we must protect it to prevent there being a rise or fall in the pressure with which the blood moves.

The low pressure represents the force of the blood that is entering the heart to be pumped, while the high pressure is the force of the blood that is moving through the rest of the body, driven by the beating of the heart. Both values must be at the correct levels and never too high or low.

In case there is a deficiency of the blood circulation, many health problems are present and greatly harms the affected people, this kind of problems affect everyone equally and are usually given due to inactivity or A bad diet.

The flow of blood is necessary to preserve the cells and protect tissues, bones, organs. We must learn to stop these discomforts so that our daily performance is not harmed, here we will explain the best way to achieve it.

Learn to treat the lack of blood circulation with the help of some exercises at home

The accumulation of cholesterol and fats or the lack of oxygen are determining factors that reduce the transit of blood through the body. To be able to improve you need to take a healthy diet, and it can be very useful, apply one of the following exercises on a frequent basis:

Stretches: when waking up you must flex the muscles and let them tense and then relax them.

Normal exercise: support the feet on the floor and stand on tiptoe; You are going to raise your heels for a moment so that you tighten your calves, perform at least 10 repetitions.

Rotation of feet: that helps to prevent joint cramps and pains in that area. While sitting, turn your feet to the side they are on, right or left. Be sure to repeat about 10 times.

Flexions: upon awakening, try to perform 3 sets of push-ups with the possible repetitions. Each week try to increase the amount of exercise gradually.

Walk: the best exercise to regulate blood flow is walking, relaxes muscles

Swimming: recommended especially for people with respiratory problems, strengthens the oxygenation of tissues and helps the health of the lungs and heart.

Cycling strengthens the lower part of the body, improves the circulation of the legs.