One Spoonful And You Will Run To The Bathroom, Release All The Poop Stuck In Your Body, Use It In Case Of Emergency

We depend directly on what we consume, in our diet we find the nutrients and properties necessary for good health, as well as we get to consume certain products that can alter our normal values, alter sugar, cholesterol and cause digestive problems.

If we do not maintain an adequate diet and a regular consumption of fibers for the digestive system, our intestines begin to suffer problems to fulfill our needs properly, we suffer from constipation

When we do not expel our feces, they become harder and more difficult to expel from the body. It greatly hinders proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. For this reason, suffer constipation can be quite uncomfortable, painful and even carries a great danger.

Preventing the problem is quite easy since you only need a balanced diet, with high fiber content. It is also recommended to perform a colon cleansing at least 2 times a year, all in order to prevent infections and diseases, including the appearance of cancer.

Causes of constipation

First, constipation does not appear because of itself. The normal state of the body is not being constipated. There are many factors that can affect that you are constipated and suffer its consequences.

  • Stress is able to alter the natural rhythm of your body, so in the end, you end up retaining, unable to expel what you owe.
  • Lack of fluids may allow you to go to the bathroom without problems, but if you do not drink enough fluids, the fecal material will not be hydrated enough to come out easily.
  • Poor fiber diet. The fiber is responsible for the intestine has the proper movements of digestion. If you do not drink enough, you can be wrapped up in a constipation.
  • Lack of exercise. Thanks to physical activity, the organs are active and full of life. When you do not, you can make your own intestines vague.
  • Problems in the excretory system, such as irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease, where fecal material can not come out easily and is also being damaged.
  • Other diseases. There are some diseases that are related to the malfunction of the intestines as with diabetes or hypothyroidism.
  • Pregnancyis a symptom of the most common in pregnancy.
  • Old age. When the organs deteriorate and do not have the strength of before.
  • Use of medications that are not compatible with the proper functioning of the intestines and therefore, cause constipation.
  • With this natural product, you can properly clean the intestinal tract, avoid constipation and relieve your body.

In our days there are thousands of ways to keep our digestive system functioning properly, even maintaining a correct expulsion of stools are problems. Among the most relevant drugs that we can find, we have fiber pills with a high content of this ideal compound for your intestine.

However, just as you can choose to improve your diet, there are several methods that will benefit you enormously in a natural and safe way, these methods do not require large amounts of money so you can make it at home.

To make a homemade purgative you will need:

  • 150gr of prunes.
  • 150gr of dates.
  • 5 cups of water.

To make it you need to boil the water, and add the dates and plums, these must be chopped by half. Let it boil 15 minutes before removing and resting the mixture.

When it cools, you need to add it to an airtight container and keep it in the fridge. Eat a spoonful on an empty stomach so that the purification process is not so demanding in your body. In a few days, your belly will become inflamed and in a few days you will be able to relieve yourself.

It has no negative effects, so you can do it all the time you need without worry. You no longer have excuses, take advantage of this process and start today to improve your health and prevent constipation.